Hatchback Car Rental in Dubai

About Hatchback Car Rental in Dubai

The best hatchback cars in Dubai can help you experience a comfortable ride with your friends and family and you can also extend the cargo space upwards to accommodate extra luggage as compared to other cars. You can explore the untagged locations in Dubai with a massive choice of registered hatchback cars.

The best hatchback cars in Dubai represent a balance between more value for money and interior space. Other than being aesthetically pleasing, they are also reliable and can accommodate approximately 4 passengers.

These cars make an excellent choice for small groups and young families visiting Dubai, hence combining a cosy cabin with an agility which is useful for busier locations of the city. Hatchback car rental in Dubai offers many options ranging from well-equipped and well-maintained cars paired with affordable prices.

When you choose hatchback car rental in Dubai, you are choosing commitment, integrity and reliability. They have dedicated customer support that answers your question 24/7 and is made available to manage all sorts of emergencies.

Required Document to Rent a Car in Dubai

  • You need a valid international driving licence in the UAE for renting a car.
  • You will need insurance coverage when you are renting a car in Dubai.
  • You will also need valid identification proof and a credit card for the deposit. For security purposes, a passport plays an essential role when it comes to security check-ups.

  • A Visa or MasterCard credit card with your name displayed is also an essential document for car renting in Dubai. You need to have an active card as some companies can put a card on hold if it is not active.

  • You need to have an Emirates ID copy which is known as a federal authorities identity card that is used for identification of citizenship. This document can help you establish your authority as an Emirates citizen. You can renew the document 30 days from the expired date and rent a car in Dubai.

Available Options for Car Rental in Dubai

Nissan Micra

About Nissan Micra is one of the best options for hatchback car rental in Dubai. It is a super mini city car that offers a wonderful appearance and lots of comfort to the users. It comes with a powerful engine making it purposeful for urban living.

InclusionsFuel consumption: 44-52.1 mpg combinedCo2 emission: 129-145 G/kmFuel type: petrolFuel tank capacity: 41 LPower: 84 kWTorque: 180 Nm

PricingThe average market price, when you consider Dubai, for the Nissan Micra in the UAE is approx. AED 45,450. It is not quite affordable, but it is pretty functional for urban residents. You can rent this car at AED 50/day, AED 1250/month.

Kia Picanto

AboutKia Picanto is a stylish and sporty vehicle that offers a lot of advanced features. It is a safe and trendy car that is perfect for a daily commute and comes with a number of comfortable advantages. You can experience the thrill of the newly updated and bold vehicle in Dubai. Kia ranks among the top 32 car brands in the world.

InclusionsIt comes with a good quality engine, exteriors, interiors and Technology. It has a 1.2 l DOHC engine. This car comes with multi Bluetooth connectivity.It is ideal for narrow roads due to its compact structure and efficient steering.

PriceKia Picanto starts from AED 43000 in Dubai. You can rent this car at AED 60/day or AED 1350/month.

Mini Cooper Convertible 2016

AboutMini Cooper Convertible 2016, available for hatchback car rental in Dubai, is a car that comes with a two-litre turbocharged petrol engine that produces 189 bhp and 280 Nm of torque. This is considered one of the most powerful hatchback cars in the country. Overall it is a good and comfortable car. The mileage is pretty good at 14.59 kmpl and it is loaded with many features like an inline 4 petrol engine, Drivetrain packed, and an automatic transmission system with Automatic - 6 Gears.

InclusionsMileage (ARAI): 14.59 kmplEngine: 1998 ccTransmission: AutomaticFuel Type: PetrolSeating Capacity: 4 Seater

PriceThe price of the Mini Cooper Convertible starts from AED 180000. You can rent this car at AED 3990 / month.

Mini Cooper 2018

AboutMini Cooper 2018 represents the best of the Mini Cooper range that takes advantage of ostentatious design and extra power over a standard car and this edition is the most powerful hatchback one can purchase. It is an undoubtedly unique car, which can accommodate 4-5 people and it is suitable for families with kids.

InclusionsFuel Type: Diesel & PetrolEngine: 1496 to 1998 ccPower and Torque: 114 to 189 bhp & 270 to 280 NmDriveTrain: FWD

PriceThe price of Mini Cooper 2018 starts from AED 129000 in Dubai. You can rent it at AED 4900 / month - AED 4900 / month.

Mini Cooper

AboutThe Mini Cooper, among the Dubai hatchback car rentals, is a three-door hatchback car that has always remained a popular choice among vehicle enthusiasts. The present model is much equipped with better features as compared to its predecessors. It is available with a petrol engine and the new model amplifies the design and comes with clever functionality.

InclusionsFuel Type: PetrolEngine: 1998 ccPower and Torque: 189 bhp & 280 NmDriveTrain: FWDAcceleration: 6.7 secondsTop Speed: 235 km/h

PriceThe price of Mini Cooper in Dubai varies from AED 145,950 - 146,000. You can rent it at AED 3990 / month.

Kia Rio Hatchback

About Kia Rio Hatchback is a car that competes with well-known competitors in the market like Ford Fiesta and Toyota Yaris. It is a hatchback car rental in Dubai that is known for its value for money and comes with features like central locking, electric door mirrors, an anti-lock brake system and others. It is a comfortable car which is suitable for a friend's group or rough terrains.

Inclusions- Engine Capacity (litres): 1.4- Cylinders: 4- Drive Type: Front Wheel Drive- Fuel Tank Capacity (litres): 45- Fuel Economy (L/100 Km): 12.5- Fuel Type: Petrol- Horsepower (bhp): 100- Torque (Nm): 133- Transmission: Automatic- Top Speed (Km/h): 180- Seating Capacity: 5 Seater- Acceleration 0-100 Km/h (sec): 6.0

PriceKia Rio Hatchback comes at a starting price of AED 53,000. You can rent this car at 20 AED per day.

Mercedes Benz AMG A45

AboutMercedes Benz AMG A45 is a premium and small hatchback car available for rent in Dubai. It is one of the most expensive cars for rent in Dubai when you compare it with some of the well-known competitors like Ford, Audi and BMW. This is a 5 Seater Hatchback car perfect for families and friends.

Inclusions2.0-cc engineAdaptive HeadlightsCentral Locking12V Socket - Front OnlyABS (Anti-lock Brake System)

PriceThis car is found to be priced at AED 8999 / month - AED 8999 / month.

Hyundai i 10

AboutHyundai i 10 is a Korean car available for hatchback car rental in Dubai and it is one of the best options if you are looking for a car on a budget. The i10 is a 5 seater and is available with Manual & Automatic transmission. It is a compact car which can be easily driven around the cities, offering comfort and mileage at the same time.

Inclusions1.2-cc engineValue for moneyAcoustic HoodCargo area light12V Socket - Front OnlyABS (Anti-lock Brake System)

PriceThe price is approximately AED 1,500 for 200 km/day or 6000 km/month.

Fiat 500C

AboutFiat 500C is a four-seater hatchback car available in two variants and one transmission option. One of the primary specifications of this car is that it has a boot space of 185 litres, which is available in 11 colours. This car is compact and perfect for exploring narrow areas of the city, which makes it most preferable choice for explorers.

InclusionsFuel Type: DieselEngine: 1248 ccPower and Torque: 76 bhp & 145 Nm

PriceThe price of Fiat 500cc starts at AED 62900 for the primary variant and goes up to AED 78000 for the top specification variant. The price for renting is AED 4000 / month.

Volkswagen Golf

AboutVolkswagen Golf is a hatchback car rental in Dubai trusted by thousands of drivers. It is available in one version and comes with a 2.0 cc engine. It comes with a lot of features like adaptive headlights, a 12-volt socket, a moving object detection system and others. It also features manually adjustable and heated front seats, a synthetic leather-wrapped steering wheel, proximity keyless entry, a sunroof, automatic headlights, and a 6.5-inch touch-screen infotainment system with Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, a Wi-Fi hot spot, and a USB port.

InclusionsHorsepower: 147 hp @ 5,000 rpmTorque: 184 lb-ft @ 1,600 rpmValves: 16Cam type: Double overhead cam (DOHC)

PriceThe average market price of a Volkswagen Golf in the UAE is AED 189000. The price for renting varies from AED 9000 / month - AED 9000 / month.

Nissan Micra 2020

About Nissan Micra 2020 is a 5-seater hatchback car available for rent in Dubai. It is available in two variants, 7 colours, one transmission option and one engine. It comes with good ride quality and is a spacious car with optimal performance.

InclusionsEngine: 1.5 I4 FWDGearbox: 4APower (hp): 99Fuel Econ (L/100km): 14.5

PriceThe price of a Nissan Micra 2022 ranges from AED 34500 - 34800. It is available at 39 AED/day for rent in Dubai.

Hyundai Veloster

AboutHyundai Veloster is a 4-seater hatchback car available for rental options in Dubai. It is available in two variants, which offer 9 different colours for you to choose from. It has one transmission and one engine making it a comfortable car for you to drive around the streets of Dubai.

InclusionsEngine Size: 2.0Luggage: 2Doors: 3Seats: 4Daily KM: 200Security Deposit: 1000Excess Claim: 1000Delivery & Pickup: Free

PriceThe Hyundai Veloster is priced between AED 71,500 and AED 84,900. You can rent the car at AED 4500 / month.

Why Should You Consider Renting a Hatchback?

  • Straightforward Control panels: Hatchback cars are often considered simpler to drive when you compare them to SUVs or sedans. Dubai hatchback car rentals tend to have cars with a straightforward mechanism and control panels.

  • Space: Unlike a Sedan car, a hatchback car will offer you more cargo space. It makes it perfect for anyone planning on hitting the roads for a long drive. It comes with a split folding rear seat that comes standard in every hatchback and enables you to turn the boot of the vehicle into a cargo hauler. It is quite comfortable to drive through narrow roads with the hatchback car without experiencing any damage.

  • More Headroom: Hatchback cars come with a slightly higher headroom as compared to other cars. It contributes to the capability of carrying bulky items in the car easily. Due to this extra space, passengers in the rear seat do not have to hunch, hence preventing neck strain.

  • Affordable: Hatchback cars are much more affordable when you compare them to other big cars, which are also available for daily or monthly rental plans according to your demands.


Why is Hatchback Car Rental in Dubai so famous?

Hatchback car rental in Dubai is pretty famous because it is affordable and cheap. You can opt for long-distance travel by renting a car from Dubai. Other than that, you also have the option of choosing a wide variety of cars according to your choice.

Which are the best Hatchback cars to rent in Dubai?

Some of the best hatchback cars in Dubai include Mini Cooper, Nissan Micra, Kia Picanto, Hyundai i10, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen Golf, BMW 5 series, and Ford edge. Apart from these, there are also other options like Blue Alfa Romeo Giulietta 2020, Black Mercedes A250 Class 2020, Grey Audi S3 2021 and more regarding Hatchback car rental in Dubai.

How can I book a car in Dubai?

You can rent a car online with our website which is an easy and hassle-free process. If you want to book a car in Dubai, there are lots of benefits as well like Tracking the Car Availability Anytime, Knowing the Driver's Information, and automatic rate calculation with an Easy and Instant Booking System. You need to have an international driving permit along with a driver's licence from your country. Other than that, you also need to have international ID proof and insurance coverage.

What can be the benefits of car rental in Dubai?

Dubai hatchback car rentals provide you with many benefits that range from being cost-effective and affordable, safe and comfortable, a high level of comfort and convenience, and a wide variety of options to choose from for long-distance travel purposes.

How do I choose a car rental in Dubai?

The first thing that you need to do is determine the purpose of your car rental and then choose a company that is situated near you or offers quick delivery in your location. If you need a car with delivery and pick-up service, make sure to take that into consideration as well. Also, make sure to check for the existing scratches and dents at the time of pick up. Apart from these, you need to opt for authorised dealers and look for a transfer of ownership as well.

What are the required documents to rent a car in Dubai?

You will require copies of your passport, residential visa, and a valid UAE driving licence along with an Emirates ID. You need to prove that you are older than 21 years so presenting your ID proof can also be helpful in renting a car in Dubai.

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