Limousine Car Rental in Dubai

Limousine Car Rental Options in Dubai

One of the most luxurious experiences in Dubai is the Limousine car rental in Dubai. With a wide range of options to choose from and a varied form of services offered along with rentals, the process to rent a limousine car in Dubai is quite simple. Suitable for family, couples, or friends, the Limousine car rental in Dubai comes with four different choices including the Suburban, Chrysler, Lincoln, and the Hummer. These luxurious options come with several attractive features such as the exquisite leather interiors, a marvellous audio-visual system, attractive LED-lit disco floor, tinted windows for privacy, jet hydraulic doors in the rear, and a state of art refreshment bar, along with a Chauffeur. You can visit several famous structures using the Limousine car rental in Dubai including the Burj Al Arab, Atlantis, The Palm, Madinat Jumeirah, the Dubai Mall, and the Mall of Emirates. During the peak tourist season, the rental service might get a bit busy, and it is recommended to look for Limousine car rental options in Dubai a little in advance, so that you receive your choice of limousine for travelling across the city.

Ford Raptor

About: The Ford Raptor Limo has a seating capacity of 22 passengers. You will exclusively use the leatherette upholstery, subwoofer stereo, upgraded air con and warmth, dual protection barriers, darkened window frames, and two-way intercom.

Inclusions:The rich experience of arriving in style is enhanced by additional conveniences, including a fully stocked beverage bar, ice pockets, and a Bluetooth music player.

Price:This limousine is a great name for elegance in the Limousine car service rental in Dubai, charging only 699 AED for an hour.

Nissan Patrol

AboutSpend a memorable time with friends in the Nissan Patrol Limo, which can comfortably seat 22 people. Ride in the stunning Limo and gaze out the window of a cosy luxury limousine in Dubai.

InclusionsThe most extraordinary materials and cutting-edge technologies (including surround sound systems, central air, and more) are featured in the Nissan Patrol Limo, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction and delight. Furthermore, you can experience the Limo's distinctive appearance in both white and black.

Price: AED 500 for an hour.

Black Panther

AboutLimousine Black Panther is a one-of-a-kind limo offered only in Dubai. This automobile is the epitome of seduction! One cannot take their gaze away from its dazzling, flawless performance and aesthetic, which exudes ecstasy.

Inclusions:It seats 24 passengers and includes everything needed to create a party scene, such as an audio system, remarkable illumination, a flat tv LCD screen, and more. Moreover, with adjustable rental duration (700 AED per hour + 500 AED for an extra hour), it outperforms the city's top party buses.

Price: 700 AED per hour + 500 AED for an extra hour

F550 Big Red

AboutFor any occasion, whether it's a lavish party, hen party, or stag party, the Ford limousine F550 Big Red is a brilliant option. It will be an incredible adventure to ride in it! Moreover, this large, powerful, elegant Limo's hourly rental fee is roughly AED 999.Inclusions: It comfortably seats 28 passengers. In addition to renting a limo for a party, you can also go for a trip to Dubai, a trip to the airport, and other events. Excellent limo service is provided with exclusive amenities like controlled heating and intercom services.

PriceAED 999

GMC Asanti

AboutEvery exceptional occasion necessitates a truly unique vehicle. GMC Asanti Lumbo is ideal for any occasion, including anniversaries, bachelorette parties, wedding and retirement festivities, and unforgettable dates.

InclusionsYou won't be bored inside, and it has room for 24 passengers. An ice-pocketed beverage bar, a 42" LCD colour television, a DVD player, and a cell phone are available. Driving in a GMC limo in Dubai will make you feel luxurious thanks to the leather upholstery, heating and cooling and heating, twin privacy walls, ambient sound system, and shaded glass!

PriceAt the airport, hotel, or anywhere else in Dubai, one hour of rental costs approximately AED 700.

Hummer H2 O

About: There is a luxurious eight-wheel limousine called a Hummer that can be rented with our Limousine Fleets in Dubai. It can easily fit 20 people, making it ideal for you and your large friend circle to crash the party!

Inclusions:Additionally, the limousine has Bluetooth for music playback, and its distinctive lighting will make any photos you take inside of it stand out. TThe minimum rental time for the Hummer is one hour, and it can be delivered anywhere in Dubai. Any changes to rental durations are subject to extra charges.

Price: 554 AED for an hour

Dodge Challenger SRT

About: Renting a Dodge Challenger is the finest option. This vehicle only seats nine passengers. It features a luxurious but comfy interior lather. There is also a disco area for an explosive celebration.

Inclusions:You can listen to your favourite music on the Surround Sound Stereo System with CD and smash the dance floor all night! This car features tinted windows and twin privacy barriers, so no one will be able to watch your erratic dancing. During the tour, you will access facilities such as a cell phone, a fully stocked beverage, and colour television.

Price: AED 8500 per month

Royal Purple Chrysler

About: When you have a group of more than four people, this Limousine car rental in Dubai is ideal. Hiring is also relatively inexpensive, at 500 AED per hour. The Royal Purple Chrysler can seat up to 9 occupants. A car might fit, but a small limousine would be perfect. This Limousine fleet in Dubai is ideal for a small wedding, hen party or stag party with buddies, a milestone or an unforgettable date.

Inclusions:Inside is a refreshment counter with ice cubbies, a widescreen HD television, a dual partition for privacy, and a mobile modem.

Price: 500 AED per hour

Cadillac Escalade XXX

AboutOne of Dubai's most sophisticated and cutting-edge limousine fleets is the Cadillac Escalade XXX. The Escalade, with seats for 20 adults, is the ultimate limousine for your engagement, homecoming, or another special occasion.

Inclusions:Limousine Car Rentals in Dubai offer first-rate limousine options with chauffeurs, and this car promises absolute pleasure inside this royal Limo.

PriceThe hourly rate for this beast is roughly AED 600 to 700 per hour for transportation wherever in Dubai and to airport terminals.

Why You Should Hire A Limousine Car Service in Dubai?

  • Primarily, the commitment to providing outstanding service for every tourist out there is the reason behind hiring a Limo.
  • Following market norms, you can take advantage of the services offered at the most affordable costs.
  • Limousine car rental in Dubai are certified and licensed under all applicable local government standards.
  • The Limousine fleet in Dubai is covered by insurance and is safe to travel with.

  • Thanks to the cars' excellent telephonic equipment, you can reach the customer support at any time during the trip if there are any problems.

  • Availability of a variety of luxury car models from Mercedes, BMW, and Audi to ensure you have a fantastic vacation in Dubai.

Things to know before hiring Limo

  • Customers are advised not to drink or smoke inside any of our Limousines. It is against the UAE government's instructions. If caught, the offender will face punishment or penalty.
  • The responsibility for any lost, broken, or stolen item does not lie with Dubai limousine car rental. They are not liable for any items left in the limousine.

  • Overtime will be invoiced in half-hour increments (if possible). To avoid paying overtime fees, kindly provide enough time for your event.

  • The customer acknowledges that any overtime will be billed at the agreed-upon rate and commits to covering any related costs.

  • Any body fluids, vomit, or other messes found in the limousine are subject to incidental charges.

  • Cancellations must be made in writing and through certified mail at LEAST TWO DAYS ahead of the engagement to prevent being charged the total amount of the commitment.

  • The following entertainment devices—CDs, DVDs, playlists, and iPods—will be supplied by the rental services, and are the customer's responsibility.

  • Any weather conditions that are unprecedented or otherwise beyond our effective control may result in a last-minute cancellation (exclusive of any cancellation charges.)

FAQs Related to Limousine Car Rental in Dubai

How long is the Limousine Ride in Dubai?

The minimum rental period is 1 hour. To extend the timings one needs to contact the company customer care. Moreover, the extension is liable for extra charges.

What should I bring with me to the Limousine Ride in Dubai?

You may bring anything as long as it is lightweight and disposable. Plates and glasses for wet food and beverages are advisable. However, carrying luggage is not allowed.

Which are the best Airport Transfers Limousines?

The Limousine Car Rentals in Dubai provide the best airport transfers ranging from more minor to larger groups

Why is the Limousine ride so famous?

The limousine is indeed a luxurious vehicle that provides exceptional comfort and style. These luxurious vehicles are regarded as adult toys and are typically associated with the very wealthy. Furthermore, it accommodates a range of events without compromising the quality of style and shimmer!

What amenities are included when one rents a limo?

Amenities listed in the sites (air conditioning, ambient lighting, seating arrangements, refreshment bar, ice cubbies and more) are accessible.

What is the best time to travel to Dubai?

Dubai is at its best between September and April when it's sunny but not too hot. The city continues to offer sunny skies and warm temperatures even though much of the Northern Hemisphere is bundled up for winter during this time.Regardless of when it occurs during the year, Ramadan is often quieter. Because of the holiday's restrictions may be an excellent time to travel, but you cannot eat, drink, or smoke in public, and certain activities may be affected. Eid al Fitr, the three-day celebration that celebrates the conclusion of Ramadan, is something that is advised as a must-visit to get a higher cultural experience!

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